Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story

Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story HINDI:   ” इश्क़ का रोग होता ही,  ऐसा है जनाब बर्बाद होने की आयतें, हम रोज पढ़ा करते हैं।”   क्रोध नहीं ये सूर्य का, इश्क़ है इस धरती का महबूब की गली, महोब्बत में देखो  फनाह होने वो चली।   अन्जामे इश्क़ जो भी हो, भुगतना […]


LAZINESS: MY WAY OF LIVING is a collection of Hindi poems and quotes. Some of them celebrates the laziness and some criticize it. Reader’s discretion is mandatory before concluding anything. Here you will get my experience with laziness. Also some of the popular saying from the legends against it. Laziness is a great way to […]

Summer: Hindi Poem

Summer: Hindi Poem is about your encounter with scorching heat. The scorching heat can be funny only if you think it only this way. One of the Hindi poems that may help you laugh even in the scorching heat. Summer: Hindi Poem   धोख़े के किस्सों में, एक और नया अध्याय जुड़ गया।   जब जून […]

Hindi Quotes On Father

Hindi Quotes On Father are here to celebrate the fatherhood and remembering his contribution to make us what we are today. These few lines on father in Hindi are my way to express on behalf of those who love their father but can’t tell. Every shayari on father in Hindi will keep your heart out with awe that you […]

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem. Languages have a great impact on our prestige, life, culture, pride, and emotion. These are attached to us in a psychological manner. I consider language, not more than a medium to communicate. I believe as human beings we have to learn to stay together and solve the problem […]