Hindi poems on Love

Hindi poems on Love. Time when you resist someone to enter your heart. It may because of your bad experiences. But you have no control over your emotion, somebody surely knocks at your heart’s door no matter how rigid to try to be. Here a person is asking questions to his love that how and […]


SORRY CHIPKALEE |Hindi Poem is another attempt to break stereotype via Hindi poems. Sometimes, we create beliefs about someone without knowing him or her. And we follow the same path throughout our life. We think one our enemy. If someone tells us that he is our friend, we think that he is also our enemy. […]

Laziness | A Hindi Poem

Laziness | A Hindi Poem.  Everyone has been trapped in his or her life when he is just delaying to meet his better version by confronting the challenges. No matter in which level of you are presently if you don’t try to break the circle, you will stop evolving. PahadNama always push you to recognize […]

Why Do I Smoke: A Hindi Poem

Smoke is a just a Hindi Poem. Maybe you don’t relate with it but it is what I felt a long time ago and looked for the pen and paper to write it but I got Kagaj Kalam to express. Enjoy the piece. Here are some of the other interesting Hindi poems waiting for your […]

Teri Ye Muskuraahat: A Hindi Poem

Teri Ye Muskuraahat Kya Kaam Kar Gayi: A Hindi Poem is about a meaningless smile of a girl in which people try to find the meaning.  Meaningless smile is warm gesture which is not only missing from our society but also ill treated. Sometimes guys take a smile more than just a gesture and the […]

Hills: Beauty With Burning Dreams

A Hindi poem Hills: Beauty With Burning Dreams says about the hidden potential of hills with beauty. Hills and girls living there are basically, known for their utmost beauty but they are more than that now they are ready to make the world realize it. Some journey becomes unforgettable when you meet any random person […]

Ghar Ki Yaadon Ka Malham: A Hindi Poem

Ghar Ki Yaadon Ka Malham, A Hindi poem is true for all the people living far from their village, home, parents, and children just for earning money. Almost half India is facing the situation. They have left with memories only after they come from their work. Here Hindi kavita tried to portray in words, hope […]

Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem

Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem. I am a great fan of Marvel universe. When the first part of avengers endgame started, I was very exited for movie. It ended up to happening the Hindi poem. Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem   ऐ काल तेरा काल दिखाने महाकाल आरहे हैं, अपनी औकात भूलकर , तुझे धुल चटाने इसी […]

Chasing Dreams: Hindi Poem

Chasing Dreams: Hindi Poem is a simple kavita on your dreams. There was a time when you used to see big dreams and start chasing them. No matter how stupid these used to sound. That was the way of our living style. Now we have grown up. and starting loosing the ability to see the […]