Doori | A Hindi Poem

Doori | A Hindi Poem. Everybody has this time in his life when they have to separate to their loved ones to chase their dreams. It is painful but inevitable. You can stop him or her as you know how important his departure is. This Hindi poem points out that time not the feelings they […]

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem. A remembrance of such times in Pahad when all member in the family just sit down and have an actual conversation over Mungfali. Though there are several stories and Hindi poems around the every situation but this kavita will definitely brings you back to the time of childhood. Watch The videos […]

Cost of living Hindi Poem

Cost of living Hindi Poem. Cost of living in cities is too high but it is not only about money but also some other things. कीमत माँगता ये शहर is a story of every person who is living in the cities but credit more than rents there whether it is health, emotions turmoil, or any […]


Holi is a festival of Colour, celebrated in India. We are now celebrating Holi 2021, the new age Holi. But do we really think essence of the color festival is intact.  What is today in India? If you are an Indian, we need not to tell you that. “Kyunki Bura n maano Holi Hai”  we […]