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नर को अपना सहचर है माना: Hindi Poem

नर को अपना सहचर है माना: A Hindi Poem is by Kagaj Kalam. Nature offered everyting to humans but what humans did to her. They destroyed it. It is not late yet we can reverse it. We just need to assemble together accept our mistakes and try to make the world with beautiful nature. Everybody loves to live in nature surrounded environment but money mind set is corrupting it. Love the nature, birds, trees, and everything associated with it and once again let sleep in the lap of the mother nature.

Watch Here: PahadNama

नर को अपना सहचर है माना: A Hindi Poem

Nar ko apna sahchar hai mana is a beautiful Hindi poem. It shows what destruction we have just done to nature. Now water is not worth or drink. air is polluted. Foods are also culminated. We have to save them before nature starts working against us. We can’t fight against nature. So, it is better to wake up before its too late.

सब है नर के सहचर
है ये सब कुदरत के दिए,
मानव के हर्ष के लिए

परंतु प्रकृति थी बेचारी भोली,
जो मनुष्य ने माँगा दे डाली
न जान पायी इंसान को,
न उसके ह्रदय के लंकेश को

सबको मानव ने दिया है कष्ट,
केवल अपने आनंद के लिए,
कुदरत को दिया है दर्द

फिर भी प्रकृति ने माना,
इंसान को अपना सहचर
हजारों दर्द के बाद भी,
मानव को दिया है हर्ष

कहकर उसको माँ,
उसे जहर पिलाया,
फिर भी उसने कभी,
अँगूठा नहीं दिखाया

कुदरत है ऐसी मुर्ख,
जैसा मैं बनना चाहु,
सबकुछ छिन जाने पर भी,
नर को अपना सहचर


We all are optimistic and think one day people will realize their problem. Once again they work together to build a nurturing nature. Here are some of the other Hindi poems on Nature.

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